Spring Maintenance
March 17, 2016 1:11 PM | Tagged as Central Illinois, Safety, Spring Maintenance

The weather has been pretty nice around central Illinois lately. If you are like us, this weather makes us excited about summer and of course boating! Some of you may think you can just pull your boat out of storage and away you go on that first 70 degree and sunny Saturday. Let me just tell you, that’s a bad idea. Your boat has been sitting in storage somewhere for about 6 months. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to give your boat a once over before you get it out on the water? Think of spring maintenance as a check-up for your boat. This check-up could help prevent problems that could keep you off the water once the season is in full swing.

What all does spring maintenance entail, you may ask. Our certified technicians will:
• Remove shrink wrap
• Check, charge, and clean battery posts
• Check trim for proper operation
• Check operation of all gauges
• Inspect boots, bellows, belts, and hoses for dry-rot, wear, and leaks
• Check for proper shifting, inspect cables (throttle, steering, and choke), and connections
• Inspect lower unit for visible damage
• Lubricate grease zirks if applicable
• Inspect propeller and skeg for tightness, damage, and knicks
• Check all fluids for proper levels and fill as needed (up to half a quart)
• Check all filters for condition, leakage, and tightness
• Start engine in shop, inspect for proper operation and cooling
• Check trailer lights, coupler, tires/pressure, rims, bunks, brake fluid, and grease bearings
• Check impeller and wear-ring (PWC)

As you can see this is a very comprehensive list and probably has many things you did not think about. Our certified technicians are very thorough. If something is going on with your boat, they are sure to find the problem and we can get it taken care of before the season.

Spring maintenance takes care of boat functions but it is your job to make sure your safety equipment is in good condition and operating properly. Be sure to check:
• Life jackets to ensure they are in good condition
• There are enough life jackets for maximum passengers
• All fire extinguishers are the right class for your boat
• Fire extinguishers are fully charged and stowed in the proper place
• The first aid kit is fully stocked

Between spring maintenance and your personal safety check you are sure to have a great start to the season. Make sure to schedule your spring maintenance today and make boating as carefree as possible!

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