Holiday Weekend Getaway
May 9, 2016 3:20 PM | Tagged as Central Illinois, Lake Springfield, Lake Springfield Marina, Memorial Day Weekend, Trailering

Memorial Day Weekend is right around the corner! To me, Memorial Day is always the official beginning of summer. I always try to spend Memorial Day in the sun somehow, but my favorite way is definitely on a boat. There are many different lakes around Central Illinois. Why not trailer your boat someplace new for the weekend? Of course, we would love for you to try our lake, we will even rent you a slip for the weekend so you can make the most of your time on the water. Do some research ahead of time, check out the local marinas/restaurants on the water. If you will have to stay overnight, look into hotels close to the lake.

If you are going to trailer your boat, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. Many of you may only trailer your boat at the beginning and end of each season. Here is a checklist of items to double check before trailering your boat:

• Ensure tires are properly inflated (also check for cracking or dry rot)
• Check brake lights and turn signals to make sure they are functioning properly
• Make sure to use a safety chain to connect the trailer to the towing vehicle
• Secure everything in the boat so nothing flies out while you are on the road
• Check winch cables and clips to make sure they are rust free
• Make sure the boat is secured to the trailer and make sure tie-downs are snug
• If you have an outboard, tilt it up to protect the engine from impact damage. A transom saver will provide added support to help protect the engine/transom
• Double check to make sure you have all safety equipment/necessary documentation before leaving home

Keep all of these items in mind when you are packing up for a weekend trip to another body of water. If you don’t have a boat, renting is always an option. We still have several boats available for Memorial Day Weekend. Spending time on the water with friends and family is sure to create great memories for all. We can’t wait to see you soon! Have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend everyone!

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