Boat essential item for all boaters
August 14, 2011 6:36 PM | Tagged as boat cover
by Terry Price Protecting your investment with a boat cover, whether it is a brand new sailboat, canoe or the family ski boat is a wise choice. Boat covers for the most part are easy to use and they are designed to protect your boat from the elements. Whether you are mooring, storing in your garage or dry-docking your boat, a good cover will actually extend the life of your boat. If you tow your boat behind your vehicle, the sun and chemicals from road spray can all contribute to the breakdown of the exterior finish. Boat covers come in many different shapes and sizes and can offer protection for your Deep-V Cuddy cabin, Jet boat, pontoon boat or the family ski boat. Boat covers come in a variety of materials including lightweight material such as DuPont Tyvek which is a lightweight, bonded polyethylene This tyvek material actually weighs 70% less when compared to canvas material and is extremely durable, definitely worth looking at. Did you know that microscopic pores trap moisture in and around your boat and cause mildew? A good water-repellent cover is going to prevent this annoying moisture from deteriorating your boat's surface. The sun's UV rays are another enemy of your boat's surface. The Tyvek cover once again does its job and blocks out 99% of these rays, thus protecting the interior of the boat by keeping it cooler. This great boat cover comes with reinforced seams, specially designed loops for secure tie-down, adjustable shock cord locks, and is machine washable. This great cover also has strong double-sewn center seam construction that eliminates leaking and ripping problems common to boat tops and covers. Most boat manufacturers will make a cover that exactly fits your make and model of boat. Even if you have aluminum fishing boat, a good boat cover is going to prevent the aluminum from oxidizing and deterioration will be less. After all, your boat is not a cheap investment and you want to get as many enjoyable years as possible. Boat covers are an essential item that all serious boaters should consider.
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