Warm Spring Weather Equals Busy Boat Industry
March 28, 2012 11:35 AM | Tagged as Boating, Spring Maintenance, Warm Weather

      Unseasonably warm weather for the Midwest has led to a flurry of business for the boating industry earlier than normal.  This year central Illinois has seen record setting temperatures for a good part of early spring.  This has led to an influx of business and activity at the Lake Springfield Marina.  The warm weather has also allowed boaters to get an early jump on their boating activates.  While so far most of the boating on Lake Springfield has been fishing related although we have seen the occasional PWC rider and even water skiing! It has allowed our staff to prepare for a rush of spring maintenance programs but also allowed us to get people on the water earlier than ever before.  Our spring maintenance program is a way for our customers to have everything checked over on their boat to be ready for summer boating season. This program includes things like inspecting your bellows& boots, checking fluid levels, and starting the boat in our shop to make sure the boat is operating properly.  This preventative program helps boat owners identify problems before they are ready to use their boat.  And as any boat owner knows it’s much easier to fix a boating problem in early spring as opposed to the middle of the summer. 

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