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I know it’s the middle of the winter and you’re probably not thinking about your boat, but I’m here to remind you that you should be! What better time to get time consuming maintenance taken care of? Think about it, you’re not using your boat, maintenance takes up valuable time during the season and these small issues can snow ball into major problems if not taken care of. Plus, did I mention, parts and labor are discounted 10% during winter months? Let’s take a look at some maintenance items that may need to be addressed.

Some of you may use your trailer all the time; the rest of you may only use it twice a year. Regardless of how much you use it, your trailer is responsible for keeping your boat safe while you transport it. If you don’t take care of your trailer it could seriously damage your boat. Your bunk boards could rot and fall off. This is a time consuming repair. If you trailer your boat during the season, this could potentially keep you off the water for a few weeks. The wiring of your trailer is also very important. This can become a safety issue if your break lights aren’t working. If you stop suddenly the person behind you could ram you, which could injure someone and damage your boat. I know I’m bringing up a worst case scenario, but these things are important. You may not think a tail light out is a big deal but it can definitely become one and lead to further wiring issues.

Another safety concern is the gel coat. You may think of this as a cosmetic fix but it can become a safety issue. If the fiberglass is damaged, it can become weak and eventually lead to a hole in your boat. Gel repairs can be time consuming and expensive. Take advantage of the 10% discount and the cold weather.

The sky is the limit with these winter maintenance items. You can also repair bimini tops or boat covers. Install those extra speakers you were talking about last summer. Obviously, some of these maintenance tips are optional but some are safety concerns. Soon as the temperature warms up you know you will want to get out on the water. Let us help you take care of these pesky maintenance issues to make sure your boat is ready for spring!

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