Pre-Season Checklist
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Pre-Season Checklist Preparing Your Boat for the Season

Here's a break down of the things you need to do before you start up your boat for the season. Many things here you can do by yourself if your at all handy. Others require a professional technician. Most marinas will provide a "seasonal service" package for your boat or PWC. The costs for these services range from around $50to $150 depending on the size and type of boat, plus any needed parts. Here you go!

Do a general cleaning of hull, deck and topsides using a mild detergent
Make sure drains and bilge pumps are clear
Put on a good coat of wax
Clean and polish metal with a good metal polish
Clean teak and oil
Clean windows and hatches
Clean canvas & bimini tops
Clean interior including bilges
Check spare parts and tools and replace as necessary
Make sure registration is current and onboard
Check and replace wiper blades if necessary
Add fresh fuel

Check for hull abrasions, scratches, gouges, etc. and repair
Check and replace zincs
Check for blisters and refinish is necessary
Check rub rails
Check swim platform and/or ladder
Inspect and test trim tabs
Check lower unit and prop

Deck, Fittings, and Safety Equipment:
Check ground tackle, lines, fenders, etc.
Check deck, windows, and port lights for leaks
Inspect anchor and rope/chains
Clean and grease winches

Engine Compartment:
Check condition of hoses and clamps
Make sure below waterline hoses are double clamped
Check bilges pumps for automatic and manual operation
Check for oil in bilges
Check discharge hoses and make sure they are clear of debris

Electrical System and Components:
Check battery water level -refill only with distilled water
Check/recharge batteries
Check terminals for corrosion, clean and lubricate
Inspect all wiring for wear and chafe
Test all gauges for operability
Check shore power and charger
Check for spare fuses
Check all lighting fixtures (including navigation lights) and make sure you have spare bulbs
Check all electronics for proper operation
Inspect antennas

Required and Recommended Equipment:
Sound signaling device
Check Personal Floatation Devices(Pfds) -minimum of 1 for each person in boat
Inspect life rings and cushions
Check fire extinguishers and recharge/replace if necessary
Check and adjust compass
Check navigation lights
Make sure you have maps for all waterways/lakes you will boat on
Check and replace first aid supplies
Check bailer and hand pump
Check for throw line of at least 50'

Inboard Engine(s):
Change oil & filters
Check and change fuel filters/water seperators
Check and change engine zincs
Check cooling system change coolant as necessary - have extra onboard
Record engine maintenance log, especially date & hours of last oil changes
Check belts for tension
Check transmission fluid, drive oil levels and trim tab fluids
Check and clean backfire flame arrestor
Check impeller
Check and clean water strainer
Check bilge blower

Head System:
Checked for smooth operation - lubricate and clean as necessary
If equipped with treatment system, have chemicals on hand
Y-valve operation checked, valve labeled & secured

Water System:
Flush water tank
Check water system and pump for leaks and proper operation
Check hot water tank working on both AC and engines
Check for tank cap keys on board
Check and clean shower sump pump screens

Outboard Motor:
Replace spark plugs
Check plug wires for wear
Check prop for nicks and bends
Change/fill gear lube
Inspect fuel lines, primer bulb and tank for leaks
Lubricate and spray moveable parts

Check for current registration
Check rollers and pads
Check and lubricate wheel bearings
Clean and lubricate winch
Lubricate tongue jack and wheel
Test lights and electrical connections
Check tire pressure and condition
Check brakes (if equipped)
Check safety chains
Check tongue lock

Tired yet?? If you don't have the time or energy to do all the above, Give us a call! We'll make sure that when you turn the key, you'll be off enjoying your boat instead of working on it!!

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