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May 29, 2011 7:42 PM | Tagged as Renting a slip

 You've made what is , perhaps, the most intelligent decision a boat owner can make - renting a slip! Others will spend a good portion of their boating day hooking up the boat, filling it with gear, trailering to the lake and waiting in line at the launch ramp. But not you! You'll have already spent a good amount of time on the water where you should be. Here's a few more ideas that will make renting a slip at The Lake Springfield Marina even more enjoyable!

1.) Buy or lease a boat lift -  While it will add some cost to your boating budget, a boat lift puts the finishing touch on the most perfect setup. A quality lift will cost anywhere from $4,000  to $8,000 depending on the size and weight of your boat. Pre-owned lifts may be available at a substantial discount. With the price of boats and maintenance today, it is worth the investment. A lift will keep the bottom of your boat from accumulating that nasty scum which is next to impossible to clean off. Keeping your boat out of the water also reduces the chance of fiberglass blistering as well as sinking if you should develop a leak. You also won't have to worry about the boat rubbing against the dock or breaking loose and floating away. Check with the marina office to discuss all your options with regards to lifts. 

2.) Keep a cover on your boat - Even if your slip is covered, use a  cover that is easy to take put on and take off. This will help keep rain driven from strong winds, birds and insects from getting in. A cover also keeps nosey passer-byes from seeing what you've got in the boat! 

3.) Spray for insects at least once a month - Most marinas will spray their docks for insects but they cannot keep them from hiding in your boat. A good water-based repellant and insecticde will keep the spiders from making a mess in and on your boat. 

4.) Use the correct tie-up ropes - Clothes line, ski rope and other non-marina grade ropes will eventually disintegrate or break causing damage to not only your boat but to others next door. Most marinas prohibit these types of ropes. You must use a braided dock line with a minimum of 3/8" thickness(boats over 25' should use 1/2"). In addition, learn how to use the right types of knots when tieing off your boat. Marina personell will be happy to show you how. Remember: Damage caused by inadequate rope or bad knots that results in damage to your or others boat will be your responsibility! 

5.) Consider a dock box - This is a good idea to keep covers, tools, extra life jackets, etc. while you are out on the boat. Do not store flammables such as gas and propane here - it's very dangerous and stricly prohibited by your marina. The more room you can free up in your boat, the happier you'll be during your time on the water. 

6.) Don't invite thieves  - Keeping coolers full of beer, expensive tubes and skis and valuable radio equipment in easy site increase the chance that thieves will target not only your boat, but all the others in the marina. The marina can only do so much to provide security. Help out by being careful who you invite out and keep an eye out for your neighbor who might be on vacation. They'll do the same for you.

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